How to Get Your House Featured in Magazines

How do you feel when you see your house featured in a renowned fashion magazine? It means it is among the best houses in the entire globe. Even the architect of that house will now come out to associate themselves with this success. If you are confident about your house design and all the interior deco including the bathroom design as well as other facilities within the house then it is the right time to approach an editor of the magazine to get it featured. Remember you are not the only person who wants his/her house featured. There are many others who also long for such an opportunity hence it is a competition. You have to go an extra mile to convince the editors that your house is worth the venture. Some of the tips to achieve the same include cold pitching, social media approach, use of multimedia content internet marketing and invite the editors to have a real feel of how your house looks like.

Cold pitching
There is no way this magazine know about your house unless you take a step of faith and let them know of the existence of your house. This is the time you personally make a point of getting the best shot of your house and just send them to them. You can use the old way of communication or even the most common one which is an Email. It is even better when you can also walk to their offices and just convince the relevant person to feature your house.

Social media approach
The social media craze is also a good way of alerting the magazines about your house. Have fun when displaying your house especially the social media pages of the magazines you are eying your house to be featured. In one way or the other, constant posting of various parts of the house may attract one of the journalists and feature it in the magazines.

Use of multimedia content internet marketing
YouTube channel is an example of a social multimedia content which comes in handy to aid in the proper dissemination of information. At this time, you will realize that you can even post some of the best mechanisms you have installed in your house to save water, that alone is enough for a magazine to have a strong zeal to feature your house.

Invite the editors to have a real feel of how your house looks like
How will people know that this is really your house? If there is something that the media houses fear is the legal battles as a result of false information. To remove the doubt, take time and just invite them to your house. At this point, you leave them to make a decision on what they would wish to feature. At times, in your own thought, you may have not even thought that some of the architectural designs may be of help to the media house.

You have to go an extra mile and not conversing to get the attention of the editors for them to schedule an appointment for a photo shoot of your house. It is not just a matter of an obvious case to get the digital space; you must have the best and unique design according to the objective of the media house when it comes to featuring houses in their magazines.

Creative Ideas for Photoshoots

Photographers have a special job, whether they are taking pictures of a newborn, a wedding day, or a family. It’s for this reason that it’s so important to have a variety of choices for each client to consider for their own photoshoot. After all, everyone has their own taste and no two people have the same exact vision. By having a few creative ideas to choose from, clients will more easily be able to find something they’re truly excited about.

Unique Choices for Photoshoots:

– Sprinkle Surprise

Birthday photography will never be more fun than it is with a sprinkle surprise backdrop. Here’s what you need to make this a white muslin sheet, 1600 latex balloons in vibrant colors, a hand pump, and double-sided tape. To make the balloons into “sprinkles”, simply pump air into each until they reach 4″ in length. Once finished, tie a knot and cut, then repeat with the rest of the balloon. Use double-sided tape to adhere to your muslin sheet and pin to your wall to make a backdrop perfect for birthdays and celebrations!

– Non-Traditional Location

One of the best ideas for making photos truly personal to someone is to take them at a place they love the most Perhaps this is a craft store, grocery store, department store or even a local candy shop. There are endless opportunities for photos on location, such as kisses shared in the candy aisle, picking out baby socks in a baby clothing aisle, or headshots in front of the fake flowers at the craft store. – Decorative Ground For those who are taking pictures of kids, why struggle with a backdrop or trying to sit them still? Instead, create a backdrop and the ground and have them lay down or even sleep! From snorkeling under the sea to climbing up some stairs in a castle, there are endless things you can do with the right props and a little bit of creativity. If you have a sleeping baby, even better, as you can position their body to look like it’s sitting, flying, jumping, or swimming.

– Have a Picnic

One wonderful way to get incredible candid photos is to do something casual outside. Instead of dressing up, go to the park and sit down on a blanket to have a picnic. With the sun in the sky and the trees as a nice background, it will b easy to take great photos. No park nearby? Have a picnic at a client’s house in their backyard. You could even photograph them having family dinner for some cute family photos that aren’t posted but are instead natural and timeless.

– Try an Activity

Want to try something new? Take pictures of clients doing an activity. This could be a couple mini-golfing, a family bowling, kids playing basketball, or a family playing flag football. With so many choices of activities, each client can pick which one they like the best or want to try. With everyone having fun, the photos can turn out being much more natural. Making the Most of Photography When it comes to creating a unique photoshoot, think outside the box! Not every shoot has to be staged or made with detailed backdrops. Instead, have fun and let the clients enjoy their time having their picture taken. This will be sure to result in some excellent photos they will treasure for years to come.

The models of vogue magazine are surely also using Kuving juicers

Vogue magazine take the best in the modeling industry to be their cover models. The physique of these models is because of healthy eating and regular workouts. Their weight defines their modeling career. Kuving juicers are a must-have kitchen appliance for these models. What is the reason behind this? It maintains the nutritive value of ingredients. The models are sure they eat healthily and there is no wastage in form of residues on fruits and vegetables. Kuving juicers are good for making nutritious juice drinks as well as smoothies which are recommended by health experts for healthy eating. The motor has great power to crash fruits, vegetables, and nuts for that juicy drink.

Models love the quality from kuvings, it is worth using a hurom( Kuving juicers offer quality juice and have been rated as the number one in the cold press technology. The 20-year warranty is a plus from the manufacturer; it means they are sure of the quality of material used in designing the juicers(

The schedule of cover models is tight; they need a faster and reliable juicer to make a nutritious drink within the shortest time. Kuving Juicers have proved it. The motor power allows slow press but effective for a juice, which you can even store for future use. After use, cleaning is an easy task, all you need is to pour water in the jar and clean it. The electrical system of the juicer is in a different compartment so that you do not have to clean it. This saves time for models that are ever in a rush to shoot videos, images, and cover models for magazines.

 Why should cover models drink nutritious juice?

Nutritious drink means that despite the extraction there is little wastage of nutrients in form of residues. The enzymes and fibers found in the outer membrane of fruits and vegetables are all maintained in the drink, thanks to technology, the manufacturer uses in the extraction process. The enzymes and the fibers are essential for body functions as well as rejuvenate the body during vigorous workouts associated with cover models. They need energy for muscular endurance and strength during the muscular training exercise. Customer reviews on the Kuving manufacturer’s website have positive thoughts and value for the money.

Fashion magazines like Vogue have to use cover models that are renowned and have a well-maintained body, which concurs with the makeup. Remember maintaining a sexy body does not mean you starve, but regular workouts and eating healthy is the secret. Kuving juicers meet this need as a kitchen appliance which helps make the nutritious drink which models can prepare and carry in the course of their activities instead of indulging in unhealthy snacks which affect the shape of their bodies.

Modeling agencies are keen on height, weight, muscular mass and strength as prerequisite requirements for registration. The nutritious drink is part of their diet to achieve and maintain the physical body requirements. Kuving juicers are easy to handle and user-friendly in making healthy juices.


Motivational athlete magazines

Motivation is a worldwide requirement. No person could do anything at all without a little motivation served on a platter. From scientists to historians to athletes to artists, everyone needs the motivation to accomplish great goals of their lives.

Suppose, you play ping pong and one day suddenly out of nowhere you just want to give up working hard for your career and your fame. Suppose you don’t want to exercise, suppose you’re far too low on motivation and all you want to do is stay cooped up in your dark room, hence, you are in terrible need of someone or something that can get you back your lost motivation. This is the entire reason why athletic magazines even exist.

Here are a list f magazines to keep you motivated and give you tidbits about goods or bads for athletes. Runner’s World Just in case you need an advice or an informant you have Runner’s Best for great tips and advice on what is good or what is bad for you as an athlete. Or if you’re just a die-hard fan and want to get tips to train as a beginner this magazine is as good as any coach you can get live to train you.

If you’re a swimmer or a runner or someone who bikes around for passion this is just the magazine you’re looking for. Coach and Athletic Director This one especially for the high-school and college coaches. This comes with advice and tips for coaches on how to train your little dragons. This issue brings tips for coaching of both men and women sports figures. Interviews of amazing sportsmen and athletes are included for coaches and fans to go through and study before they went for a particular sport. Shape Magazine As the name suggests, focuses on shape and figure publishes issues on how to attain a great body figure as a perfect hourglass figure has been in demand of late. It covers a wide range of topics, starting from how to keep a proper figure to beauty tips to recipes for dietary soups.

Do you want to get fit? Purchase a copy of Shape Magazine right now! Sports Illustrated Magazine A lot of parents are not sure which sport is it that their kid wants to play and which sport he has a caliber for. After all, you can not just push away your child into baseball if he wants to play ping pong. A lot of parents wouldn’t allow their child to go with ping and enforce baseball on them as it is an outdoor game which involves reflexes and strength to forget ping pong too is a game that involves reflexes, sharpens the focus and requires strength specially when using the right and mostly featured table tennis like SmartPong Table Tennis Robot. This magazine deals with such issues and is a guide to parents on how to deal with such matters. Not just sports, this magazine goes out of traditional sports to puzzles and stories on sports.

Men’s Health This lifestyle magazine as suggested by name for men is a guide on how to stay fit and make their lives better. How to keep relationships and how to deal with stress and what careers would be best for them and issue related to health and work.

Tips In Building A Cat Walk Stage Tools

The stage for catwalk requires appropriate carpentry skills to ensure models are comfortable to showcase their talent with ease. At the same time, the stage should be within a recommended elevation to avoid spectators and judges from straining their necks. Woodworkers should not build a trial-and-error stage which will be a disappointment. They need to put the following factors into consideration.

  • · The type of wood for the stage
  • · The smoothness of the surface
  • · The arena in which you need to build the stage according to the desire of the organizers
  • · The availability of the tools
  • · The design of the catwalk stage

All these factors give you an idea on the type of tools you need to use. Building a catwalk stage show is a combined effort that you cannot manage single-handedly. If you are not sure of how to go about it, yet a client has approached you as a woodworker; swallow your pride and get a renowned woodworker to help you out as you learn. It is better than to build a substandard stage which might cause accidents. Here are some of the tips to guide you in building a presentable catwalk stage.

The surface

This is the main focus of all attendees of a catwalk show. Furthermore, it is the place where models have to take a walk to showcase their modeling skills. It must be as smooth as possible to allow easy movement. Use a table saw to smoothen the flat surface. If possible, paint it with a bright color to add glamour and fun. An alternative to painting is a carpet of a color of your choice.

The support

Remember the surface must be supported by pillars to strengthen it. You can opt to have a closed base or an open base. You need the service of an engineer to help you in measurements and give you the right advice based on the type of material you use. If you are building it for a specific event, you must put into account the contract terms on the extent at which you have to interfere with the grounds. Otherwise, a portable wooden pillar cut and sharpened by a table saw comes in handy.

The roofing

For an outdoor event, you have to make makeshift roofing with color themes to prevent color distractions which might create contrast. When using the laws of stability, an addition of a heavier material at the top reduces stability. It is advisable to use a lighter material or a strong clothing to act as a roof.

Under the surface

In case you use pillars to raise the stage then a space under the surface is inevitable. Make good use of the spacing to run behind the curtains activities prior to the modeling. If it is not high enough it can be a good storage space.

The décor

You are in the fashion industry hence beauty is a must. As you choose this ensure you take note of the color theme of the say to avoid color contract. Although color blocking is also allowed do it with great care to avoid miscommunication using the choice of colors.

Building a catwalk stage is a big project for a woodworker. It is advisable to arm oneself with the right woodwork tools, table saws inclusive.

Who Among The Models Of Vogue Magazines Are Lifting Dumbbells

Vogue magazine is a popular monthly publication that started out as a weekly newspaper in 1892. It was initially launched in the United States. Today, however, there are twenty-two international editions that are printed and published in different parts of the world. The latest edition to be added to the roster was Vogue Arabia which featured the model Gigi Hadid on its cover.

The magazine focuses on subjects that relate to American fashion, beauty, culture, living and runway. In other words, it’s a lifestyle magazine which publishes articles and information which modern women would find relatable, relevant and interesting. It talks about the latest trends in the world of fashion and celebrity culture. It often publishes things like the diets of celebrities and their thoughts and opinions.

While the written content of the magazine is interesting, and the topics that are written about relevant, the real highlight of each issue of the magazine is the model which it features on the cover. Over the years, there have been many beautiful and pretty ladies who have adorned the pages and the cover of the magazine. Often, famous female celebrities such singers, musician and actors are also featured. Their presence and inclusion have, no doubt, boosted the brand of the magazine and increased its popular appeal. As a result, Vogue today has a very strong standing in popular culture and its content is given a lot of importance by its female readers.

The reason that the magazine features models and beautiful celebrities is a very simple one. As I’ve already mentioned, the magazine focuses on lifestyle issues. One of the most import topics that is included as part of this is fitness. Everyone has the need to exercise regularly to be fit. Being fit and healthy is the difference between living a long and happy life and a relatively shorter one marred by illnesses. Keeping fit ensures that your body is adequately used and its resources put to good use. This, in turn, guarantees that the body will retain its health for longer and be strong, even as you grow old.

Models, with their fit and toned bodies, represent the aesthetic benefits of exercising regularly and keeping fit. Their beautiful image on the cover inspires other women to work hard to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. In a way, models indirectly promote a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

Models weren’t simply born with bodies that are more shapely and magnificent. To achieve the fantastic bodies that they have, Vogue models need to work hard. A major portion of each day of the week is spent exercising and dieting. These are the only two proven techniques that can be applied to shape a better body. Both need a lot of effort and mental will to accomplish. Vogue models have to limit their diet to only healthy items such as salads without any fattening dressing.

The exercise that they do is even harder. Working out is a process that physically stresses out the body so that excess resources present in it, such as fat, get used up. As part of their fitness regime, models like Gigi Hadid, Tina Fey and Blake Lively, among others, have to lift dumbbells, run on treadmills, cycle and perform squats. Each of these activities is physically exacting and requires a lot of dedication to complete. Imagine doing these every day and you’ll quickly realize how physically capable models are. In short, almost all the beautiful models that you see featured in the magazine have to exercise by lifting dumbbells, for example, to develop and maintain their figure.

Email Automation for Magazine Companies

The mainstream media print and audiovisual media have no option but to incorporate the digital marketing strategies to stay relevant in the business. Magazines use marketing automation tools to market their services, increase their target audience well as aim at increasing their sales revenue. Authority Automation have an in-depth information about marketing automation.

Marketing automation has defined marketing as a simpler and less expensive affair, which can be done in the comfort of your office without running up and down talking to everyone trying to convince them to get your product. Apart from just selling the product, it makes a marketer sell benefits and provide content to targeted audience and relate it to the product such that when one decides to buy the product or service; it is a self- driven decision.

What are some of the features of benefits for magazines?

Lead Generation

The marketing software has tools, which you are able to get leads which act as your contact list-mostly Emails for all communication. It has an advanced autoresponder which is a good thing in all aspects. The leads are classified according to interests got from the point the point of entry. If you sign up for an e-course, you will get updates relating to that. Magazines do not have a specified area hence every contact is essential because of varied information it contains. However, keen interest is required to choose the type of magazines to send as marketing campaign tools.

Marketing Campaigns

Magazines are a marketing platform in their own right. However, it is not sufficient because of limited readers of the hard copy magazines distributed. They have enhanced their audience through online copies sold and got via the internet. Nevertheless, there is a catch- they sell the catchy headlines with topics of interest for most readers. They send this through Email marketing campaigns, once a reader has a taste, they are left in suspense to continue reading, this is the point of payment and buying comes in. With online payments system, things are the easy acquisition of the magazine is just a click away.

Magazine Subscription

Online copies of magazines contribute almost 60% of sales revenue in reputable magazine companies which have invested heavily in marketing automation. You can use the contact lists generated for clients to subscribe for free updates and newsletters for the magazines. Psychologists say constant reminders of tasks leads to decision making for clients who are uncertain whether to buy a product or not.

Email Marketing

Email marketing -the core function of marketing automation. Magazines use Email marketing to advertise for their magazines through content marketing as well as sell advertisements space all in a bid to increases sales volume. Business experts have proved that Email marketing has taken marketing by a storm, it is the most efficient, and affordable marketing strategy if well utilized.

If magazine companies use Email automation effectively, they stand a great chance to have a global presence in the international market. The features and the financial capability of the company determine the choice of the marketing automation software.


Check out the most read and visited fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants have offered a cheaper option and ready food for easy bites. In the United States, there are famous restaurants where people flock. What is the magic behind this? The hospitality industry is a sensitive industry especially with the advent of social media where the slightest poor service can lead to a viral post which destroys the reputation of a well-known restaurant. Naturally, clients report the negative treatment. Some of the things that make a restaurant popular

  • Customer service
  • Tasty and delicious recipes
  • Availability of space
  • Diverse menu plans to cater for all ages.

Let us look at the five top most visited fast food restaurants and reasons behind it.

Burger king

This American chain fast food restaurant specializes in hamburgers. When you think of the hamburger, think of Burger King. Why do people flock the restaurant? They have sealed the gap in fast food chain through the preparation of sweet and delicious hamburgers from fresh ingredients sourced locally and prepared by first-class chefs. The fast food chain has been in existence for over 50 years and has never disappointed its customers. The customer service is superb and an order takes the shortest time to be at your table. They also have a special order for clients on a specific diet.  If you are watching your intake of calories, they do not shy away with providing nutritional information for their meals so that you eat without any guilt of overindulgence of an unhealthy diet.


The American chain of fast food restaurants has specialized in chicken meals. When you have thirst for a chicken meal and related recipes, Chick–fil-A is there to fulfill all your chicken needs.  Salads and healthy drinks for a complete meal accompany the chicken meals. They have special meals which cater even for kids hence when you are out with your family and need a place to eat to satisfaction for all the family members, pass by Chick fill A, you will not be disappointed compare to the most recent prices for a meal at Sonic



When you think coffee, think Starbucks. They have experience in all coffee drinks in the world. The caffeinated drink is the most loved beverage worldwide. People flock Starbuck to have a taste of their favorite coffee, which is also known, for its health and mental benefits. They have diverse coffee drinks brewed with the latest automated espresso machines for high-quality coffee.


Barbecue is a common meal in fast food restaurants. The founders of McDonald’s saw the gap and filled it with all kinds of barbecues prepared through both traditional and modern cooking methods. People flock McDonald’s because of the outdoor meal preparation you are sure of what you consume.


At Wendy’s fast food restaurant, you have all meals in the fast food classification. People visit Wendy’s to have a diverse taste of all fast food meals you can think of in this world.

It is evident that fast food restaurants have defined their food niches and specialized in them. This is the main reason for increased demand for their meals.