How to Get Your House Featured in Magazines

How do you feel when you see your house featured in a renowned fashion magazine? It means it is among the best houses in the entire globe. Even the architect of that house will now come out to associate themselves with this success. If you are confident about your house design and all the interior deco including the bathroom design as well as other facilities within the house then it is the right time to approach an editor of the magazine to get it featured. Remember you are not the only person who wants his/her house featured. There are many others who also long for such an opportunity hence it is a competition. You have to go an extra mile to convince the editors that your house is worth the venture. Some of the tips to achieve the same include cold pitching, social media approach, use of multimedia content internet marketing and invite the editors to have a real feel of how your house looks like.

Cold pitching
There is no way this magazine know about your house unless you take a step of faith and let them know of the existence of your house. This is the time you personally make a point of getting the best shot of your house and just send them to them. You can use the old way of communication or even the most common one which is an Email. It is even better when you can also walk to their offices and just convince the relevant person to feature your house.

Social media approach
The social media craze is also a good way of alerting the magazines about your house. Have fun when displaying your house especially the social media pages of the magazines you are eying your house to be featured. In one way or the other, constant posting of various parts of the house may attract one of the journalists and feature it in the magazines.

Use of multimedia content internet marketing
YouTube channel is an example of a social multimedia content which comes in handy to aid in the proper dissemination of information. At this time, you will realize that you can even post some of the best mechanisms you have installed in your house to save water, that alone is enough for a magazine to have a strong zeal to feature your house.

Invite the editors to have a real feel of how your house looks like
How will people know that this is really your house? If there is something that the media houses fear is the legal battles as a result of false information. To remove the doubt, take time and just invite them to your house. At this point, you leave them to make a decision on what they would wish to feature. At times, in your own thought, you may have not even thought that some of the architectural designs may be of help to the media house.

You have to go an extra mile and not conversing to get the attention of the editors for them to schedule an appointment for a photo shoot of your house. It is not just a matter of an obvious case to get the digital space; you must have the best and unique design according to the objective of the media house when it comes to featuring houses in their magazines.