Tips In Building A Cat Walk Stage Tools

The stage for catwalk requires appropriate carpentry skills to ensure models are comfortable to showcase their talent with ease. At the same time, the stage should be within a recommended elevation to avoid spectators and judges from straining their necks. Woodworkers should not build a trial-and-error stage which will be a disappointment. They need to put the following factors into consideration.

  • · The type of wood for the stage
  • · The smoothness of the surface
  • · The arena in which you need to build the stage according to the desire of the organizers
  • · The availability of the tools
  • · The design of the catwalk stage

All these factors give you an idea on the type of tools you need to use. Building a catwalk stage show is a combined effort that you cannot manage single-handedly. If you are not sure of how to go about it, yet a client has approached you as a woodworker; swallow your pride and get a renowned woodworker to help you out as you learn. It is better than to build a substandard stage which might cause accidents. Here are some of the tips to guide you in building a presentable catwalk stage.

The surface

This is the main focus of all attendees of a catwalk show. Furthermore, it is the place where models have to take a walk to showcase their modeling skills. It must be as smooth as possible to allow easy movement. Use a table saw to smoothen the flat surface. If possible, paint it with a bright color to add glamour and fun. An alternative to painting is a carpet of a color of your choice.

The support

Remember the surface must be supported by pillars to strengthen it. You can opt to have a closed base or an open base. You need the service of an engineer to help you in measurements and give you the right advice based on the type of material you use. If you are building it for a specific event, you must put into account the contract terms on the extent at which you have to interfere with the grounds. Otherwise, a portable wooden pillar cut and sharpened by a table saw comes in handy.

The roofing

For an outdoor event, you have to make makeshift roofing with color themes to prevent color distractions which might create contrast. When using the laws of stability, an addition of a heavier material at the top reduces stability. It is advisable to use a lighter material or a strong clothing to act as a roof.

Under the surface

In case you use pillars to raise the stage then a space under the surface is inevitable. Make good use of the spacing to run behind the curtains activities prior to the modeling. If it is not high enough it can be a good storage space.

The décor

You are in the fashion industry hence beauty is a must. As you choose this ensure you take note of the color theme of the say to avoid color contract. Although color blocking is also allowed do it with great care to avoid miscommunication using the choice of colors.

Building a catwalk stage is a big project for a woodworker. It is advisable to arm oneself with the right woodwork tools, table saws inclusive.