10 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at the Archery Tournament

June 12, 2021


Archery tournaments are not only for the best of the best. They also provide a fantastic opportunity to compete in an event that is fun and accessible for people who want to experience the thrill of shooting a bow and arrow. That being said, it’s important to be prepared with your wardrobe – or risk making one of these ten fashion mistakes!

Don’t Wear Anything Too Revealing

Don’t wear anything too revealing. This includes crop tops, skirts that are shorter than your fingertips when holding both arms outstretched, and anything with a plunging neckline. There’s really nothing more distracting for an archer on the line – or fellow competitors – than someone swinging their entire body around in order to get a glimpse of whatever is below your waist!

Avoid Wearing Loose Clothing in Which the Wind can Catch and Cause a Distraction

Wearing loose-fitting clothes will not help you compete in an archery competition. If safety is a concern, consider using the reverse draw crossbow but if speed matters then Scorpyd Crossbows are perfect for the fastest crossbow shot!

If there may be wind or distractions such as animals running by during your quest for a victory that could cause you to lose focus on getting the shot off quickly and accurately – choose something snugger!

Avoid Wearing Slippery Fabrics

These include anything with an all-over sheen, a knit fabric that is too loosely spun or made from manmade fibers which are more likely to snag on the bowstring when drawing back for a shot, and any clothing item that has been treated in some way that will reduce its grip (waxed suede and satin).

Avoid Blue Denim, Olive Drab, and Camouflage Patterns

These clothing colors are not the best choices for archery competitions, so if you find yourself in a situation where your clothes do not meet these requirements – swap them out ahead of time.

Avoid Wearing Shoes that are Too Tight or Too Loose

Shoes should fit comfortably around the archer’s foot, with enough room for their toes to wiggle and not touch the front of the shoe when standing upright. 

Avoid Wearing any Article of Clothing with Large Reflective Surfaces

The archer will need to concentrate fully on the target, and it is important that they are able to do so. Reflective surfaces such as highly polished shoes, jewelry, or anything else should be avoided at all times while competing in an archery tournament.

Do Not Wear or Carry Anything that Could Fly Up and Get Caught in the Bowstring. Avoid Baggy Clothes, Loose Jewelry, etc.

You should always be prepared when you’re at a tournament, because your bow could get caught on anything from loose hair to jewelry and it can result in injury. Be sure not to carry any items that might cause problems while using the bow.

 If you have a terrible habit of wearing baggy clothes, this article may help with some issues related to archery equipment use. The string on your arrow can easily catch onto loops or lines if they are left dangling around near where you shoot arrows; this creates difficulties for drawing back an arrow as well as potential injuries since people often approach their target after shooting without being careful enough about what is nearby them – cell phones and long pieces of clothing will both create dangers close-by due to these risks!


You don’t want to be the person who leaves their mark on archery tournament fashion. We know that there are many potential pitfalls when it comes to looking your best at this event, but we can help you avoid them all so you can have more fun and shoot better while doing it! 

Whether it’s a local archery event or the Olympic games, there are many things to consider when preparing for an event. From what type of clothing you wear and how much make-up you put on your face, these guidelines will help ensure that competitors have clear shots while at the tournament! Dressing up in the proper attire is essential, whether it’s indoors or outdoor events. Many distractions may lead to someone missing their target or even injuring themselves, causing them to miss your shot tournament.

Finally, remember to bring your sunscreen lotion with you so that you don’t get too red in the sun.