5 Workout Trends You Should Ignore

September 25, 2021


The fitness industry is always coming up with the next thing. If you’re not doing it, then you’re old news and nobody cares about you. It’s hard to keep up with all of the latest trends because there are so many out there. You might find one that sounds really good, but don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing! Here are 5 workout trends I think you should ignore:

1) Crossfit: This includes high-intensity workouts with weights and bodyweight movements for a total body workout. However, the workouts are too intense for some people who have preexisting conditions or injuries.

2) Tabata: which consists of 4 minutes of exercises done in 20 seconds intervals with 10 seconds rest periods between sets. These short intervals can lead to overuse injuries if proper form isn’t used during each exercise set.

3) HIIT: This type of high-intensity interval training burns more calories than traditional cardio, but can cause an increase in cortisol levels which leads to weight gain over time.

4) Yoga: while yoga has many benefits, there is a risk for injuries like sprained ankles

5) Insanity: The Insanity workout craze has been around for a few years now. The basic idea behind it is that if you can do an exercise until your muscles give out, then this technique will lead to faster results and better motivation because there’s no time to rest between sets or workouts.