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Meet the Founder

Mildred T Wood is a seasoned fashion expert and content guru. She discovered her love for fashion and trendy news at the age of 12 and has been obsessed with all things stylish since then.


Mildred T Wood enjoys publishing fashion-related content to inspire would-be fashionistas. She hopes that through Ciao Vogue magazine, you’ll get hooked on the exciting world that’s the fashion industry while still keeping up with other magazine news. Mildred is living in Michigan with her dog, Dexter.


At Ciao Vogue, we are committed to bringing you the latest news on fashion, lifestyle, and generally all types of information a typical magazine carries. We aim to frequently provide quality content and report on the latest happenings worldwide due to our obsession and passion for all types of magazine news.


As the leading online fashion and news magazine, we aim to be the number one go-to website for all the latest fashion news for both the fashion-and-cultured obsessed and young and hip. We plan to regularly publish content focusing on trendy fashion ideas and tips while also bringing you various magazine news content for your viewing and reading pleasure.