Creative Ideas for Photoshoots

March 11, 2018


Photographers have a special job, whether they are taking pictures of a newborn, a wedding day, or a family. It’s for this reason that it’s so important to have a variety of choices for each client to consider for their own photoshoot. After all, everyone has their own taste and no two people have the same exact vision. By having a few creative ideas to choose from, clients will more easily be able to find something they’re truly excited about.

Unique Choices for Photoshoots:

– Sprinkle Surprise

Birthday photography will never be more fun than it is with a sprinkle surprise backdrop. Here’s what you need to make this a white muslin sheet, 1600 latex balloons in vibrant colors, a hand pump, and double-sided tape. To make the balloons into “sprinkles”, simply pump air into each until they reach 4″ in length. Once finished, tie a knot and cut, then repeat with the rest of the balloon. Use double-sided tape to adhere to your muslin sheet and pin to your wall to make a backdrop perfect for birthdays and celebrations!

– Non-Traditional Location

One of the best ideas for making photos truly personal to someone is to take them at a place they love the most Perhaps this is a craft store, grocery store, department store or even a local candy shop. There are endless opportunities for photos on location, such as kisses shared in the candy aisle, picking out baby socks in a baby clothing aisle, or headshots in front of the fake flowers at the craft store. – Decorative Ground For those who are taking pictures of kids, why struggle with a backdrop or trying to sit them still? Instead, create a backdrop and the ground and have them lay down or even sleep! From snorkeling under the sea to climbing up some stairs in a castle, there are endless things you can do with the right props and a little bit of creativity. If you have a sleeping baby, even better, as you can position their body to look like it’s sitting, flying, jumping, or swimming.

– Have a Picnic

One wonderful way to get incredible candid photos is to do something casual outside. Instead of dressing up, go to the park and sit down on a blanket to have a picnic. With the sun in the sky and the trees as a nice background, it will b easy to take great photos. No park nearby? Have a picnic at a client’s house in their backyard. You could even photograph them having family dinner for some cute family photos that aren’t posted but are instead natural and timeless.

– Try an Activity

Want to try something new? Take pictures of clients doing an activity. This could be a couple mini-golfing, a family bowling, kids playing basketball, or a family playing flag football. With so many choices of activities, each client can pick which one they like the best or want to try. With everyone having fun, the photos can turn out being much more natural. Making the Most of Photography When it comes to creating a unique photoshoot, think outside the box! Not every shoot has to be staged or made with detailed backdrops. Instead, have fun and let the clients enjoy their time having their picture taken. This will be sure to result in some excellent photos they will treasure for years to come.