Billiard Magazine: Picking the Right Pool Cue

July 15, 2019


Pool games are the most common pastime for nightlife in many restaurants. Whether you are a beginner or an expert the right pool cue determines your performance. Although there are standard measures for a pool cue, there are other additional factors you need to consider when purchasing one. The market has both standard and substandard products or rather cheap and expensive cues what matters, if you do not have the right principles to govern your purchase you may be spoilt for choice and end up purchasing the wrong cue. A beginner may just pick a basic cue but as an expert, you may be forced to upgrade in line with the current technology to aid your win in international pool matches. Choosing the right pool cue during the summer break competition defines either a win or a loss. Here are a few tips you may wish to consider

The right size- height, weight, diameter, and length

Although your height may be a determinant on the height of the cue, basically a standard pool cue should be between 57- 59 inches in height with a diameter of 13 mm. Children may opt for a lower inch of about 47 inches. A heavy cue may not be effective when hitting the ball. In fact, it will even affect the strength at which you will hit the ball limiting your win. In addition, it also affects your balance. The most recommended weight should be between 18-21 ounces. Pool players who are about all may have a different size which they may feel comfortable with.

Quality of the material for the right grip of pool cue

The grip of a cue is paramount in the pool game, this is ideal to aid in balance and distance in which you need the ball to land. Linen and nylon take the lead in maintaining the right grip for the pool cue. In addition, the type of wood for the inner material also has an impact on the weight as well as durability. Look for a pool cue that is made of softwood which is light in weight.

Pool player skill level

Just like in other games, beginners do not pay much attention to the kind of equipment since there aim at that point is just to learn the skills of the game. As you progress to higher levels then you now understand what you need from the pool equipment. It is at this point that you look at durability and standard pool cues that will enhance your performance at higher levels of the game.

Cost of a pool cue

As much as you may have your imagination on what you need, your pocket will have the final say. You have to be keen and check on various stores on what is best for you. You can take advantage of the offer to get a quality and high standard cue. In addition, you can also visit the second- hand stores who may also have the best. It is not always true that “cheap is expensive” attitude is right. Moreover, even the expensive stuff might not give you want you to need.

Fashion and style

You cannot afford to compromise on style; at the same time standards also have to be maintained. Manufacturers understand all these and you will have unlimited options when it comes to getting a fashionable pool cue. There are many innovative and creative solutions that aid in the development. It could be an artistic, sport, entertainment among others.

As a pool player, before you take a step to the stores, you have to know what you need to avoid being swayed by the marketers. It will even make your work simple and easy. In fact, they will even come in handy to aid you to get the best pool cue based on your need from their stores.