The models of vogue magazine are surely also using Kuving juicers

November 2, 2017


Vogue magazine take the best in the modeling industry to be their cover models. The physique of these models is because of healthy eating and regular workouts. Their weight defines their modeling career. Kuving juicers are a must-have kitchen appliance for these models. What is the reason behind this? It maintains the nutritive value of ingredients. The models are sure they eat healthily and there is no wastage in form of residues on fruits and vegetables. Kuving juicers are good for making nutritious juice drinks as well as smoothies which are recommended by health experts for healthy eating. The motor has great power to crash fruits, vegetables, and nuts for that juicy drink.

Models love the quality from kuvings, it is worth using a hurom( Kuving juicers offer quality juice and have been rated as the number one in the cold press technology. The 20-year warranty is a plus from the manufacturer; it means they are sure of the quality of material used in designing the juicers(

The schedule of cover models is tight; they need a faster and reliable juicer to make a nutritious drink within the shortest time. Kuving Juicers have proved it. The motor power allows slow press but effective for a juice, which you can even store for future use. After use, cleaning is an easy task, all you need is to pour water in the jar and clean it. The electrical system of the juicer is in a different compartment so that you do not have to clean it. This saves time for models that are ever in a rush to shoot videos, images, and cover models for magazines.

 Why should cover models drink nutritious juice?

Nutritious drink means that despite the extraction there is little wastage of nutrients in form of residues. The enzymes and fibers found in the outer membrane of fruits and vegetables are all maintained in the drink, thanks to technology, the manufacturer uses in the extraction process. The enzymes and the fibers are essential for body functions as well as rejuvenate the body during vigorous workouts associated with cover models. They need energy for muscular endurance and strength during the muscular training exercise. Customer reviews on the Kuving manufacturer’s website have positive thoughts and value for the money.

Fashion magazines like Vogue have to use cover models that are renowned and have a well-maintained body, which concurs with the makeup. Remember maintaining a sexy body does not mean you starve, but regular workouts and eating healthy is the secret. Kuving juicers meet this need as a kitchen appliance which helps make the nutritious drink which models can prepare and carry in the course of their activities instead of indulging in unhealthy snacks which affect the shape of their bodies.

Modeling agencies are keen on height, weight, muscular mass and strength as prerequisite requirements for registration. The nutritious drink is part of their diet to achieve and maintain the physical body requirements. Kuving juicers are easy to handle and user-friendly in making healthy juices.